About the various services we provide

Marketing & Observation

Conduct multi-faceted market research to understand consumer needs. Through thorough observation, identify the "unconscious desires and complaints" of consumers, uncovering potential issues. This approach helps discover fundamental product ideas and leads to development.

Planning & Merchandising

Based on analytical data, understand the needs of target customers and market trends to formulate comprehensive sales strategies. Perform detailed market research and data analysis to create prototypes, testing the quality and functionality of the products, and develop sales plans.


We offer high-quality designs that are beautiful, functional, and reflective of modern individuality. Tailored to our clients' needs, our designs seamlessly integrate charm into daily life.


We create valuable brands for customers and consumers through new concepts and cohesive designs. Enhancing brand awareness and trust, we support long-term growth.


We propose our products to trading companies and factories worldwide, primarily in Asia. Additionally, production is possible at our own 3D printing facility, ensuring swift and flexible responses.

Our Expertise

Product Design

From concept to completion, we achieve consistently high-quality designs. We offer innovative product designs that reflect user needs and market trends.


Through the planning and management of exhibitions, we maximized the appeal of brands and products. Our visually attractive displays and effective presentations garnered significant attention.

3D Print Factory

Utilizing cutting-edge 3D printing technology, we rapidly and accurately produce products and prototypes, helping bring ideas to tangible forms.

Design Consulting

We provide expert advice on design, supporting every step from market research and concept development to product improvement, meeting all customer requests.

Our Clients

Ryohin Keikaku