DESIGNITO fuses design and technology to solve complex business issues in the industry.

About Us

Designito is a design office founded in 2010.

My proposals, made for retailers, manufacturers, and traders, range from product design and product design direction, to branding direction, merchandising, and product planning & development.

My focus is “to produce items that sell”, and to make “there-is-nothing-else-out-there-like-it” and “I’ve-always-wanted-something-like-this” into shapes.

To achieve these, I practice and execute “in-depth research”, “get-to-know local industry and manufacturer ” and “real global standard”.
To be more specific, I analyze the needs of consumers through research and develop an idea with customers. And by perceiving and instructing the skill of a manufacturing plant, I develop a commodity that fits happily into a global common living space.

I also make plans for exhibitions, displays, and workshops, and design concepts for a wide range of business.

Our Team

Shoji ITO
Shoji ITO Founder, Designer
Naoki TAKAHASHI Director
INOUE 3D Print Designer